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Cacao Brownie Bliss

8-10 servings


6tbsp       Cacao Powder      (Raw    Chocolate)     
4tbsp      Cacao Nibs
8c            Walnuts 
2 c           Pitted Dates
6 tbsp     Agave (or to taste)

3 tbsp    Udo's Oil Blend

      1            Vanilla Pod   


First soak 3 cups of walnuts at least 1 hour and set the remainder aside. Use food processor's S blade to blend soaked nuts and set aside.  Make a puree of dates by blending on high speed in food processor using the S blade. Cut vanilla pod through center scooping out the sticky center. Blend all ingredient together including soaked and dry walnuts. Blend once more adding the nibs. Spread  mixture in a 8x13pan.
Let sit in fridge for 2 hours or overnight. Easier to serve if you cut and return to fridge for about another 30 minutes. Add optional fruit or toppings.

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